Chao Phraya River Descent

This kayak group consists of ten tracks along the Chao Phraya River and covers the whole length of this main waterway. The 370 Km long Chao Phraya River originates at the confluence of the Nan and Ping Rivers at Pak Nam Pho, Nakhon Sawan. The river flows south through the central plains to Bangkok to the Gulf of Thailand. 

Distance: 370 Km

Travel time: 10 days 

Departure: Pak Nam Pho - Nakhon Sawan 

(at the confluence of the Nan & Ping Rivers)

Arrival: Phra Samut Chedi - Samut Prakan

14-15 July 2012

22 July 2012

29 July 2012

12 August 2012

13 August 2012

19 August 2012

26 August 2012

20 October 2012

21 October 2012

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