13 October 2012

  • Technical data:
    • We started off at the Pho Kao Ton water regulator in Lop Buri near Wat Khok Mo (same as in 2011) at 0800 LT. The weather was sunny and hot, with from time to time a light breeze from the south. Temperature at noon was 34.8 C (Heat Index 45 C and 52 C in the sun at noon). We stopped shortly after 1000 LT at Wat Ban Dab for a break; and at Wat Sam Phaniang around 1230 LT for lunch and a nap. We arrived at Wat Chao Pluk at 1615 LT.
    • We encountered a single obstacle along this track, which we could tackle easily. Hot spots for water hyacinth clogging up, are the areas near Wat Krajom Thong (the many bends), Wat Nak and Wat Kuti Thong. At the bridge near Wat Kuti Thong we met the usual obstruction probably due to silting, which for the first time in three years we could tackle.
    • Technical data of the trip was as follows: Total Distance: 34,24 Km; Overall time: 8 Hr 16 Min; Moving time: 5 Hr 39 Min; Stopped time: 2 Hr 37 Min; Overall Speed: 4,1 Km/Hr;  Average Moving Speed: 6,1 Km/Hr; and Max Speed 8,5 Km/Hr. 
  • Number of participants: 2 

Detailed tracks on "Route You" for this event: 

Lop Buri - Chao Pluk

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