12 October 2012

  • Technical data:
    • We started off at the Ton Pho water regulator in Bang Phutsa (Sing Buri) near the mouth of the Lopburi River (same as in 2011) at 0815 LT. The weather was sunny and hot, with from time to time a light breeze from the west. Temperature at noon was 34 C (Heat Index 43 C and 51 C in the sun at noon). We stopped at noon for a lunch hour at Wat Sanam Chai and arrived at the landing of Wat Khok Mo in Lopburi at 1445 LT. Obstacles encountered were a blue floating foot bridge near Tha Wung Yellow Bridge, where we managed to slide under; and the construction of a new bridge near Wat Thong Thaeng, where we had to take the kayaks out and launch them a hundred meters further. The track was clean of water hyacinth and the water level was low, about half a meter more low than in 2010. 
    • Technical data of the trip was as follows: Total Distance: 28,89 Km; Overall time: 6 Hr 30 Min; Moving time: 4 Hr 50 Min Hr Stopped time: 1 Hr 40 Min; Overall Speed: 4,4 Km/Hr;  Average Moving Speed: 6 Km/Hr; and Max Speed 8,8 Km/Hr. 
  • Number of participants: 2 

Detailed tracks on "Route You" for this event: 

Sing Buri - Lop Buri

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